Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Illustrated Edition

If you read my previous review of the illustrated version of Sorcerers Stone you will recall my love of the Harry Potter Series.   I will admit my least favorite book in the series is Chamber of Secrets.  A lot happens that leads to better understanding in future books but still to me it is very slow!  However, the illustrated edition changed a bit of this for me.  It is still not my favorite but the illustrations within in the book brought the book alive in a new way.  It was very eye opening and I am glad that I had the opportunity to read it.  My favorite book in the series is Prisoner of Azkhaban and it is due out in Illustrated edition this year and I cannot wait to see what masterpieces are inside this book.


Day 2 of 24 in 48

So yesterday I read the Illustrated version of Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets and started on a retelling of Beauty and the Beast by K. M. Shea.  So today I begin again.  Today will be mostly audio books as I have a lot of stuff to get done with the end of the semester being tomorrow!  But I am 10 hours in!  So good thing I have my audio books to get my last 14 hours!

1 Hour Down

With 1 hour and 19 minutes down… I have read 4 chapters from the Illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  Which is equal to 57 pages.  So 22 hours and 45 minutes left!


I am reading currently on my couch in my University if Delaware Hoodie and my George R.R. Martin Game of Thrones Quote t-shirt that says “a Reader Lives a Tnousand lives”

Hour 0

Getting ready to begin and I will start with answering the intro questions:

Where in the world are you reading from this weekend?

So I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland
Have you done the 24in48 readathon before?

Yes, this will be my second one!  I did the one back in June or July can’t remember the month.
Where did you hear about the readathon, if it is your first?

I am not sure but I think on social media.
What book are you most excited about reading this weekend?

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Illustrated Edition!  It’s like reading the series for the first time!
Tell us something about yourself.

I am a geeky teacher!
Remind us where to find you online this weekend.

Blog: https://brianasgeekylife.wordpress.com

Litsy, Instagram: @Brialyhar

So let’s begin!


24 in 48 Readathon

So tonight starts the #24in48 readathon.   Essentially it’s reading for 24 hours from 12:01 tonight until 11:59 pm on Sunday night.  I will official begin tomorrow morning by reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Illistrated editition.  Then moving to whatever book is delivered in my Owlcrate which is supposed to be delivered tomorrow.  Followed by the retelling  of  Beauty and the Beast for another book club.  We will see where things lead to next but I have a ton of papers to grade and football this weekend.  My goal is more than 12 hours which is what I did last time.  So wish me luck!

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone Illustrated Edition

I have read the Harry Potter series many times as well as soon the movies.  I love it and have found a new home tucked away within a book.  I still get joy out of reading it over and over again!  However, I received the Illustrated Books for Christmas and reading this version of the book was like finding the Wizarding World for the firs time all over again!  When reading this beautifully illustrated book you have an idea of what the characters and settings look like from own mind plus the experience of the movies.  The illustrations give you a new take and out look on the series.  This book is great for new comers to the series and those who have been reading for years!  It brought me back home and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the series will become with the illustrations.

January 2017 Flitwicks Box

I have been a subscriber of all the boxes that Flitwicks has created and each month they are different and have a different appeal to them!  This month had a major 90s Alternative Rock vibe to it.  With a black wrap bracelet, black choker, and two button beads (one covered in black and the other a black and red plaid).  They had twists to them however to give them an updated version.  The choker has a longer necklace that goes with it as well and the wrap bracelet has a small gold ornament on top.  I love how different it is and for $12 plus shipping each month it is well worth the price.

I am not associated with Flitwicks other than an active subscriber.

New Year, New Goals

I am already a day behind on my new goals but I am going to start now.  So my goal is to really start posting to this blog, writing book reviews, talking about life, and subscription boxes.  Also, discussing my life and how I am able to stick with a budget!  My goal is to read 60 books this year!  So here we go and we will see!