October 2016 Flitwicks Box

I have been a subscriber to Flitwicks for well over a year and it’s a love/hate relationship. However, I will not stop subscrubing because every month it is truly a mystery and I find myself saying when will I ever wear this and the perfect outfit coming up and surprise – it matches perfectly!

So this box and all boxes include 3 pieces of jewelry for $12 plus shipping and not matter what you can keep the jewelry it is not one of those were you rent the jewelry!  I do not own or am I affiliated with them other than being a subscriber!

So I will start with the Black Cat Ring!  I have a deep soft spot in my heart for black cats.  I have always owned black cats and they have been my pride and joy.  So this piece owns my heart and I love it!

Next, the choker.  I have not worn a choker in years but this one, I can see the possibilities.  It’s different and I have not worn it, but I am planning the outfit in the near future to wear it with.

Finally, the earrings.  I wore them today and received so many compliments and I work with middle school students and they will be honest with you!

Overall, I really like this box.  I may not see how I could wear the choker just yet, it does have possibilities and I look forward to those possibilities!



Small town girl trying to be somebody and living a geeky lifestyle!

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